Certified Contractors

When it comes to something like mowing your lawn, you can afford to give a novice a try. When it comes to home improvements, however, you need experienced professionals who are specialists in their field. A quality product is only one part of the equation—without expert installation you will not get the best results.

At Home Smart, all of our contractors are certified experts, so you can be confident that the workers we send to your home are going to get the job done right. In addition to being qualified craftsmen, we also insist that our contractors display a high level of professionalism. You can expect them to:

  • Arrive on time and complete work promptly
  • Be courteous and treat your home with respect
  • Clean up thoroughly before leaving
  • Provide substantial post-project support

When you put your home in the hands of our contractors, you have the assurance of knowing that we put them through a challenging certification process. While not required by the state, this is an extra step that we take to make sure that only the very best handle your home improvements from Home Smart.

We are fully licensed, insured, and registered in 100% of our coverage area.

Confidence in Our Work

We are so confident in our certified contractors that we offer an impressive guarantee that all workmanship will be free from defects for as long as you own your home. If we place that much confidence in our workers then you can, too!

It’s policies like this that have led us to an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We Want You to Come Back!

Many of our customers come back to us again and again for their bathroom improvement needs. We want to add you to our list of satisfied customers, so we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you're satisfied with our work.

We are proud of the many positive reviews we’ve earned from past customers.

We Pass on Our Knowledge to You

Home Smart and our subsidiaries have completed more than $35 million in renovations in the last 10 years, and we’re happy to share what we know! We want you to make informed decisions about your home improvements, so we take time to educate you about all of your options before you make a decision.

We’re part of this community, and we love helping our neighbors!

We invite you to learn more about the quality products and services we provide. Give Home Smart a call or fill out our quick online contact form today to receive your free, no-obligation estimate.

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